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Network Structure and Logic Determines the Dynamic Repertoire of Biological Networks

June 28, 2017

Réka Albert’s group at Penn State is collaborating with wet-bench biologists to develop and validate predictive models of various biological systems, from the molecular to the ecological level. Over the years they found that discrete dynamic modeling (e.g. Boolean modeling) is very useful in molding qualitative interaction information into a predictive model. The dynamic attractors of these models can be directly related to the real system’s phenotypes and behaviors.

How To Find Key Opinion Leaders: The #IstandwithCEU Campaign

June 19, 2017

Following our previous analysis, we studied the prevalence of the #IstandwithCEU campaign on Twitter. This includes the examination of 54k tweets made by 15k users over two months with a total social reach of 180M. This project was carried out as a final project for the Science of Success class of Prof. Albert-László Barabási.

140 Million Potential Reach on Twitter

May 3, 2017


We studied the daily potential reach on Twitter (product of the number of tweets and the followers of that tweeter) of the tweets containing the hashtags of #IstandwithCEU, #aCEUvalvagyok and #LexCEU over the past month. During this period of time, 43,362 tweets were published by 15,242 users, who have more than 38 million followers combined, and a total potential reach of over 143 million.

The Effect of Luck, Skill and Collaboration in Success and Careers

April 11, 2017

Why George Lucas should stick to writing scripts and not directing

It is a common phrase that hard work always pays off, but is that really true? Can we measure the effect of luck within a career? CNS’s 1st year Phd Student (Supervisor: Prof. Roberta Sinatra) Milan Janosov’s research focuses on how to quantify the building blocks of a successful career, such as luck, skill and collaboration.

Google Searches of CEU Became Global

April 4, 2017

Picture showing how Google searches for “Central European University” became truly global over the last week. Created by Orsolya Vásárhelyi, PhD student at Center for Network Science at CEU.