What's Up at CNS

Google Searches of CEU Became Global

April 4, 2017

Picture showing how Google searches for “Central European University” became truly global over the last week. Created by Orsolya Vásárhelyi, PhD student at Center for Network Science at CEU.


April 3, 2017

Twitter opinion network of the #istandwithceu hashtag, created by Milán Janosov and Balázs Vedres. Click on the image to open PDF.

We collected all the tweets containing the #IstandwithCEU hashtag, using the official Twitter API, since the #IstandwithCEU hashtag's first appareance. Based on the first ten-thousand tweets with the tag, we created a network of the most popular additional hashtags, also used in these tweets. On the visualization the size of each node (hashtag) is proportional to the number of tweets it appeared in, and the width of the edges represents the co-occurance frequency. Color encodes time, with blue tags being used the earliest, and grey tags entered the latest.

Our Phd Student Wins Scholarship for the Symposium for the Society of Young Network Scientists

March 31, 2017

Our PhD student Milán Janosov has won a scholarship to attend the Symposium for the Society of Young Network Scientists in Indianapolis, co-located with NetSci, and has also been admitted to Summer Sc

CEU Launches Brand-New Podcast with First Guest Roberta Sinatra

March 29, 2017

Listen as CEU launches its brand-new podcast with first guest Assistant Professor Roberta Sinatra who tells us what the Mona Lisa, Usain Bolt and Madonna have in common.

Structure and Dynamics of the Relationship between Network Measures and Psychological Attributes

March 27, 2017

First year PhD student Srebrenka Letina held a presentation about her research proposal, titled “Structure and Dynamics of the Relationship between Network Measures and Psychological Attributes”. Srebrenka argued that we still don’t know enough about how we shape our networks and how we are shaped by them. As we actively transform the structure of our networks differently depending on our own specific properties, and furthermore, our psychological characteristics have been conceptualized as a complex network system (network psychometrics), it would be crucial to gain deeper understanding how networks "within" and networks between individuals influence each other.