What's Up at CNS

Our Phd Student Wins Scholarship for the Symposium for the Society of Young Network Scientists

March 31, 2017

Our PhD student Milán Janosov has won a scholarship to attend the Symposium for the Society of Young Network Scientists in Indianapolis, co-located with NetSci, and has also been admitted to Summer Sc

CEU Launches Brand-New Podcast with First Guest Roberta Sinatra

March 29, 2017

Listen as CEU launches its brand-new podcast with first guest Assistant Professor Roberta Sinatra who tells us what the Mona Lisa, Usain Bolt and Madonna have in common.

Structure and Dynamics of the Relationship between Network Measures and Psychological Attributes

March 27, 2017

First year PhD student Srebrenka Letina held a presentation about her research proposal, titled “Structure and Dynamics of the Relationship between Network Measures and Psychological Attributes”. Srebrenka argued that we still don’t know enough about how we shape our networks and how we are shaped by them. As we actively transform the structure of our networks differently depending on our own specific properties, and furthermore, our psychological characteristics have been conceptualized as a complex network system (network psychometrics), it would be crucial to gain deeper understanding how networks "within" and networks between individuals influence each other.

Patterns of Corruption and Collusion in Public Auctions

March 20, 2017

On February 20, Johannes Wachs gave us a fascinating talk about his main research focus: detecting corruption patterns in public auction data. His research has already gained some well-deserved attention and was presented on some of the great conferences contributing to network science (like NetSciX and ICCSS). Johannes’s lead question is the following: Can we identify patterns of corruption, cartel behavior and collusion on public auction markets, by looking at the bipartite networks of firms and contract issuers? Can we uncover universal patterns that are less case-specific and could help policy makers and anti-corruption agencies?

Shock Propagation and Regulation of Interacting Economic Networks

March 13, 2017

First year PhD student András Borsos shared an early version of his thesis proposal, titled “Shock propagation and regulation of interacting economic networks”. András argued effectively that though much progress has been made on understanding contagion risks in individual sectors, models in the literature often neglect the complex interactions between different layers of the economy.