Tamer Khraisha

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Tamer Khraisha is a Ph.D. candidate at the Center for Network Science with particular interests in Innovation Networks, Diffusion of Financial Innovations and Economic Networks. Tamer holds a master’s degree in Economics and Economic Policy from the University of Bologna and a B.A. in Financial Economics from the University of Bologna. His thesis examines how the diffusion and evolution of financial innovations can be modeled as a process of search on networks using local information. He is also interested in how the space of technological solutions could be modeled as a fitness landscape using the theory of Gaussian Random Fields. Other research projects include the modeling of technological lock-ins and lock-outs by introducing concepts like local information and switching costs. Tamer is open to collaborating on projects which involve technology and complex networks.


Master's degree: Economics and Economic Policy - University of Bologna (Italy)
Bachelor degree: Financial Economics - University of Bologna (Italy)



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