PhD Certificate Program in Network Science

Central European University (CEU) is an English-language, graduate university located in Budapest, Hungary. An international university with students from some 100 countries and faculty from more than 40, CEU offers small, seminar-style courses and a student/faculty ratio of 8:1. CEU is accredited in the United States and Hungary.

The PhD Certificate Program in Network Science at CEU brings together renowned scientists working in the fascinating interdisciplinary field of networks. This pioneering, interdisciplinary program provides tools to understand how complex networks are structured and how they function. Students learn the principles governing social, political, economic, and environmental networks. Working with some of the most prominent network scientists in the world, students can participate in research on the fundamental laws of network structure and dynamics. They also study the latest network modeling methods, using terabyte-sized files that capture anonymous data points from mobile phone calls between millions of individuals; financial transactions between banks and companies; energy delivery systems; memberships in the directorial boards of companies; and affiliations in political parties.