Visiting Researchers

Reza Jafari

Reza Jafari is a faculty member of physics complex systems at the Shahid Beheshti University. He started his collaboration with CNS in the winter of 2016. His research interests are collective behavior and crises in financial and social science, complex networks dynamics, fractional calculus and its application in networks when memory influences in the dynamics. Recently he has used fractional calculus to introduce aged networks. Indeed, age is the same as other properties of links such as weight and direction, and it can be considered a new property for a link. Evolution of social networks happens simultaneously with the variation of their links/nodes. However, sometimes it is not easy for some links/nodes to evolve in such a process because of their age. In real networks, some links/nodes can exist that are not happy with any variations. Understanding stability, aged phase transition, information transformation of social networks are some of the challenges of this project. Some other recent projects can be found on his page in ResearchGate (

Visiting PhD Students

Giulia Cencetti

Giulia Cencetti is a PhD student at the University of Florence. Her interdisciplinary background (one year studying biology, then Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Physics and now a PhD in Information Engineering) took her to work on complex systems and in particular on the fascinating branch of dynamical systems on complex networks. She developed different models to explore the impact of network topology on the dynamical behavior of a system, having as an ultimate goal to apply a strategic external control. Applications are in biology, ecosystems stability, urban traffic, and information flow.

Martina Iori

Martina Iori is currently a third-yearPhD candidate in Economics, curriculum Economics and Complexity, at the University of Turin and Collegio Carlo Alberto (Turin, Italy). She received her Master Degree in Theoretical Physics from the University of Turin, developing her thesis at the Statistical Physics group of the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) in Trieste. She held a Master of Arts in Economics and Complexity at Collegio Carlo Alberto, where she studied both standard economic theories and advanced computational techniques, commonly used in complex-system analysis.

In her PhD thesis, she investigates how methodologies as agent-based modelling, network analysis and machine learning are becoming more and more necessary to describe the current economic systems. In particular, her research focuses on two different systems: retail electricity market and scientific research.

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