Alumni and Former Visitors

Former Visiting Faculty

Rosario N. Mantegna

Rosario N. Mantegna was a professor at CEU in a joint appointment of the Department of Economics and the Center of Network Science. Besides Palermo University, where he holds a professorship, he worked at the MPI for Quantum Optics in Munich, and at Boston University. His research concerns interdisciplinary applications of statistical physics. He started to work in the area of the analysis and modeling of social and economic systems with tools and concepts of statistical physics as early as 1990 and he is one of the pioneers in the field of econophysics. He coauthored the first book on econophysics. Rosario participated in and/or coordinated several projects, including Marie Curie Host Fellowship, COST, EU STREP, INET and national ones. He received his PhD in physics from Palermo University in 1990.

János Török


PhD, Physics (”Shearing of granular materials”), Budapest University of Technology and Economics
DEA, Dynamique des Fluides et des Transferts, Paris VI-Paris Sud
MSc, French Scientific Translator, Eötvös Loránd University Budapest
MSc, Physics, Eötvös Loránd University Budapest

Former Research Fellows

Chulho Choi

Chulho was involved in the CIMPLEX Project.

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Pop in to the Evolution of Physics

Carl Nordlund

Carl Nordlund was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with a joint position at the Center for Network Science and the Department of Political Science. He received his PhD in human ecology from the Department of Social and Economic Geography, Lund university, in september 2010, with undergraduate studies in human ecology, economic history, development studies, economics, political ecology, environmental justice, programming, mathematics, physics, and indonesian. In his thesis monograph, network-analytical methods were applied to international trade flows of agricultural and fuel commodities, examining would-be relations between structural positionality in trade networks and occurrences of ecological unequal exchange. Outside academia, he has worked for the Swedish EPA, WWF Sweden, TV4, KTH, Swedish Space Corporation etc. His research interest is in social network analysis - methods, applications and research design – focusing on political networks and international relations.

Carl was involved in the Global Production Networks, Structural Inequalities and Unequal Exchange and the Ceunet/Indra projects.

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Center for Network Science Fellow Wins World Society Foundation Award of Excellence


PhD, Human ecology, Lund university, Sweden

Former Visiting Students

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