What's Up at CNS

Optimizing Urban Jungles - Urban Mobility via Multilayer Networks

April 24, 2018

Since more than 50% of the human population lives in cities, the complex system of urban infrastructures influences everyday life more than ever. Most cities we live in have not been designed for such dense population with intense mobility, therefore they have grown organically. It has resulted in many cases in a car-centric design which has obvious implications for the environment, human health as well as social structure.

The Impact of Role Structure and the Evolution of Temporal Social Network on Collaborative Project Teams’ Performance

April 16, 2018

On March 5, the speaker at the CNS Research Colloquium was Rebeka O. Szabó, who gave a talk on the topic of "The impact of role structure and the evolution of temporal social network on collaborative project teams’ performance". Rebeka is a first year PhD student at the Center for Network Science with particular interest in social networks, organizations and evolution intertwined with themes of cooperation, social inequality and knowledge diffusion.

What Is Math Good For? Lectures for Secondary School Students at CEU

April 10, 2018
Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 3:00pm.
1051 Budapest, Nádor u. 15., Auditorium

Dynamics of Conflict and Controversy in Large Social Networks

April 4, 2018

Conflicts and controversies are a distinct trait of human interactions, and most of us experience these issues more than we would like. But how do they arise, and how can we measure and model them in a social network?

Ingredients of Successful Artistic Careers

March 13, 2018

Work on the “science of science” has demonstrated the value of a data-driven approach to the study of academic knowledge creation. Researchers like Roberta Sinatra, a professor at CNS, use big data on productivity and impact spanning decades of scientific endeavors to model and understand how scientists become successful [1]. Milan Janosov recently shared his work on extending and adapting this framework to artistic careers.